Hannah McGlynn is a digital artist and filmmaker based in Dublin with a contemporary aesthetic, keen interest in social-political content and a highly collaborative working approach.

She specialises in documentary; music videos; online brand content and promotional video campaigns; event based work including festival circuit; fashion editorials; headshots and short films.

McGlynn worked with Collective Films in Dublin from 2019-2020 including making an environmental documentary about the imminent dangers of climate change, Rebel or Die, 2020; was the Creative Director, Writer and Editor for a Sustainability Series with All Together Now festival, and led a number of projects during her time there. She has worked on diverse projects as a freelancer, including making music videos for AIS, Róg Poets and Blue Fish Diamond, among others.

She aims to make work that raises awareness in order to open up dialogue and one of her current projects is a short film geared towards shifting the perspective around OnlyFans and the stigmatisation of sex work through a sex positive lens.

McGlynn is motivated by cultural and community dynamics and is an advocate for collegiate approaches, diversity and collective working within the sector. She was the Head Organiser of Dublin Institute of Technology’s two week Film Festival Best of Irish Filmmaking, in 2017 during her time as Media Chairperson of DIT Societies Executive. In 2021 she has established a new collective DRKHRS with collaborator Julie Weber, which seeks to counteract the lack of opportunities for emerging filmmakers in Ireland. DRKHRS will specialise in creating distinctive imagery works, whilst also promoting diversity, equality and the work of queer makers.

She graduated with a BA Film & Broadcasting with Irish from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2018.


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